• Ventless coffee roasting
    New afterburner !..
    ventless roasting
  • Toper released the book
    new release book
    The Roast Master
  • Toper at WOC Amsterdam
    exhibited at
    WOC Amsterdam
    21 - 23 June 2018
    Toper Worl of Coffee Amsterdam 2018
  • Toper roasted coffee beans
    one of the 8 key brands
    Toper, global brand for coffee roasting industry
    in global roasting industry in 2015
  • Toper home screen
    add Toper to your
    home screen
    access with a single touch
    Toper add to home screen
  • Toper roasted coffee beans
    easiest option for coffee shops
    new Touch Panel
    premium roasting at your fingertips
    Toper shop roaster, touch panel roasting
  • Toper roll mill
    probably the best industrial solution
    new Roll Mill
    for size and taste precision
    Toper roll mill, precise coffee roasting
  • Toper roasted coffee beans
    in the industry
    Toper industrial roaster, commercial coffee roaster

New !.. Electrothermal afterburner ventless roasting anywhere, anytime

Among the 8 key brands of the global roasters market

Toper ranked among the 8 key brands of the world in QYR Coffee Roasters Research Center’s Coffee Roasters Industry Market Research Report 2015 and various other global research institutions.

New Roll Mill ranking among the best

Toper launched new Roll Mill ranking among the best in the world with 50 um ultrafine grinding capacity.The special design makes Toper Roll Mill the perfect solution for uniform particle size and high-precision ultrafine grinding.

Roast the best with your fingertips

Toper’s new optional advanced Touch Panel for the new shop roasters is the best solution for easiest repeatable roasting quality.

Grind horizontally at your shop

Toper’s new TKS-30 Series shop grinders with horizontal action mechanism ensure higher precision for grain size, better homogenity and higher grinding capacities.

Latest news

  • Toper World of Coffee Amsterdam 2018 Exhibited in Amsterdam

    Toper exhibited at the World of Coffee 2018, Europe’s fastest growing coffee show in 21 - 23 June in RAI, Amsterdam.

    We appreciate your interest in our brand and our products.

  • Cafemino electro thermal afterburner Click to view the latest innovation

    World’s top micro roasting machine Cafemino® Electric is equipped with a brand new innovation.

    Electrothermal afterburner allows roast masters to roast without venting anywhere, anytime; fully complying all regulations.