Cafemino® with your brand identity

Cafemino® offers a wide range of branding options for Cafe’s, Cafe and retail chains including corporate color applications and logo printing or engraving.

Cafe owners, 3rd wave coffee specialists, micro-roasteries and retail chains, seeking for freshness and perfection of sensory properties (smell, aroma, taste, etc.) of their coffee, prefer Cafemino® in 76+ countries around the globe.

Specialty roasting with niche bean varieties and following unique gourmet profiles upon customers’ request is applicable with Cafemino®’s unique ability of roasting even 150 g of coffee beans.

Standart features & equipment

  • Programmable 4 roasting profile presets
  • Mini cyclone chaff collector
  • Automatic cooling
  • Heat indicator and digital control panel
  • Very easy to roast and clean
  • Proper high performance to roast all coffee varieties of the world
  • Installation, start-up and user’s manual

Customer Images