New Horizontal grinder series for coffee shops

High-performance team on the table

30S and 30F are the latest models of Toper’s world famous TKS series developed to meet higher volume grinding in store.

Grinding up to 75 kg/h (filter coffee) or 32 kg/h (super-fine), tireless TKS horizontal grinders are real space savers.

Multi-purpose and friendly

Besides coffee beans, Toper TKS series grinders are perfect for grinding all kinds of grains, cereals, legumes and spices as well as specimens in the laboratories with top grinding quality.

Highly maintainable and user-friendly TKS grinders conform all food safety standards.

Standart features & equipment

  • High-performance horizontal grinding
  • Precise particle size control
  • Wide particle size options (ultra-fine to filter coffee size)
  • Easily maintable
  • Perfect food grinding
  • High-performance specimen grinding for laboratories

Particle size μ

50 - 125

126 - 175

176 - 350

351 - 500

Capacity kg/h